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“The First 12 Days of Winter is a book my son wants to hear over and over again. Each time he sees new details in the illustrations, plus he loves finding and counting the animals as the Timber Talking Book narrator reads the story. “

– Christine S.

The First 12 Days of Winter

Inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas, this brightly illustrated animal counting tale celebrates the Winter Solstice with a 12-day-long party.


32 Pages

Ages 3-7

Counting Skill

Look and count as the guest list of animals grows!

A fresh twist on the lyrics from The 12 Days of Christmas, this brightly illustrated picture book is a woodland animal counting tale that celebrates the return of the sun’s light on the Winter Solstice with a 12-day party. 

“On the first day of winter the Good Earth gives the sun a cardinal in a fir tree.” 

That cardinal’s name is Carl, who prefaces the tale with a letter he leaves on a tree branch about the upcoming Solstice Party. 

An imaginative read-aloud animal counting tale, every turn of the page shows artfully drawn woodland creatures gathering in greater numbers, encouraging the child to count each one as the party grows day by day. 

In the surprise ending, the sun rises a bit earlier on the last day of the party (January 1st) and reaches far, far into the future with its many rays to bring back a dozen very special presents for the Earth in return—”12 months of days awaiting”. 

A fun read-aloud counting tale about the joy of giving and receiving gifts, this book offers a grateful and hopeful start to the New Year. 

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The contributors

Nancy Atkins


The niece of a children’s librarian, Nancy grew up surrounded by “discarded” children’s picture books. While their pages were torn and bindings worn, their characters were very much alive and she grew up knowing she wanted to become a writer.

A graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, Nancy also earned a BA degree in Journalism and worked in marketing communications and publishing for 35 years. She is the developer of the curriculum for SuperPhonics and has spent hundreds of hours in the classroom leading children through writing workshops and art projects. A published poet and mother of three children, she and her husband live in Chelan, Washington.

Kevin Atkins


An Artistic Content Creator, Kevin always knew he wanted a life that revolved around history, music, art and storytelling. He grew up watching Band of Brothers, performing his own songs in a band, and delving online into the historical events that shaped the 20th century.

An instructor at the college level Kevin, has taught classes in animation, videography and motion design. As a freelance videographer and motion graphic designer, Kevin develops webinars and launches new products for the software industry. Currently working on an animation series of characters for a screenplay, he is also a Private First Class in the Washington National Guard. He lives on Mercer Island in Washington state.

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